Malc Gibbons

Malc Gibbons

Malc is a singer, guitarist and songwriter. Lancashire born and bred, he has been involved with folk music for many years, from a band in the 60's with the dodgy title of The Oldest Profession, half of the duo Bacchus, in the early 1970's, to 38 glorious years with Strawhead, extensively touring the UK and odd bits of Belgium.

Strawhead found themselves living many miles from each other so decided to call it a day in 2012.

Inspired by his traditional roots, he began making his songs in 2007. Expect songs of soldiers and sailors; Whitby fishermen, Sheffield spirits, Cornish magic, ghosts and streams, Ice cream days and true-love ways, childhood fancies and Lancashire dreams.

Now living in South Yorkshire, he has obtained the necessary visa and will be involved in the song-writing workshop / songwriters circle.

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