Dave Boulton

Dave Boulton

Dave taught himself to play guitar in the 1960s because he thought it would annoy his Mum and might make him popular with girls. One of these goals was achieved with great success.

He performed as half (more like two thirds by volume) of the popular duo His Worship and the Pig for twenty several years, until they retired in 2012.. Dave doesn’t like to talk about which of them was the pig because he gets disgGRUNTled.

He says he tried to stop writing songs, but they seem to seep out of him when he's not looking.

So now he is back singing solo. Bringing his quirky humour and a special blend of handmade songs, old and new, funny and poignant and enjoying every minute!

He hopes you will too.

If you want to know a bit more maybe try: -

Website: davidboulton.co.uk

Bandcamp: daveboulton.bandcamp.com

Mobile: 07889733159

Email: boultondavid60@gmail.com

Catch him in one of the village cafe venues.

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